Efficiency Solutions

Efficiency Solution Plus was a website that focused on showcasing a new and exciting business development software. The development was put on hold due to various reasons, but the work that was put into it shouldn’t go unnoticed. The content structure of the landing page allowed users to view all of the important aspects of the website without getting overwhelmed. The color scheme used the complimentary colors of orange and blue while using imagery and sharp icons to draw interest. In addition to the website design and WordPress integration, Travis also created the logo for this website.

Website Currently Offline.

Highline Estates

The Highline Estates website was created in 2013 to showcase a brand new community and residential development that was being built in Phoenix, Arizona. The website includes detailed information about each floor plan, information about the builder, a contact form, and links to other resources. In addition to designing and developing the website, Travis also created the Highline Estates logo which is proudly displayed on the entrance to the gated community.


Oregon Outdoor Lighting

Oregon Outdoor Lighting was a website development and identity revamp project. It included: Logo design and website creation. The entire project was produced and managed by Travis Ristick.

Sharon Sananda

This was an older web design project that was created from the ground up. This website has thankfully been overhauled by a new designer, but it still holds onto some of the original user interface design.

Little Learners

Little Learners was a project that was inspired from a school project that required us to create a full design package for an educational software company.